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I made a revolting discovery the other day while trying to win a thousand dollars through a call in radio contest: My Smartphone can’t spell … at least not with its numbers like the old phones could. When a contest used to say, “Call 1-800-WIN-BIGG now!” you could look at your phone and hit the numbers that spelled out WIN BIGG. Wellllll not anymore. Blackberries etc. have separate letters and numbers keys. So just a note to all those copywriters who use the old-fashion dial pad to spell stuff out and the companies that pay sign painters to emblazon the exterior of their trucks with stuff like “CALL GET-FURN” and, sadly, to the businesses that paid extra for phone numbers they could post as more-easily– remembered words like “Call B=U=Y=C=A=R=S!” Smartphones can’t spell and the only way their owners will get your number is if you give it to them as just that: A number.
Just thought I’d spell that out for ya.


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