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Yes, I know, the first thing that came to mind when you read that title was probably the old commercial about “How do you spell relief?”

No matter how you spell it, it means the same thing: A bad feeling was just replaced by a good feeling, and that’s why RELIEF is my all-time very favorite word.

Think about it: How many words can connote that much emotion all at once? Not only the END of … what? Emotional distress, physical discomfort, fear, worry, panic? … and the BEGINNING of a good feeling.

Close your eyes and concentrate. (No, not now, Silly; when you’re done reading this part!) Think of a time when you felt like your world was coming to an end and then, from the depths of your despair you discovered that … OMG, everything was O.K!

Can you feel how you felt then?

Maybe you found out that your tests came back O.K., or your child wasn’t missing, or your job wasn’t about to be jerked out from under you, or that the big lump ahead in the road you were driving down in search of your lost dog was just a dead garbage bag…

Pretty much every time I’ve shouted, “Thank you Jesus!” it’s been a shout of relief.

Relief is my favorite word/emotion because it’s a two-fer: The banishing of something bad being replaced with something welcome, happy, and good.

Ahhhhhhhh … or, if you must (singing) “Ohhhhhhh what a relief it is!”


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